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The Business Side of Music Podcast

Grateful to Bob Bender for having us on The Business Side of Music Podcast this week! TCW's Executive Director Chris Lisle and board member Sharon Lee popped into the studio to shed light on the resources Touring Career Workshop provides for freelance industry professionals in the touring and live event business.

We discussed how our programming provides a resource hub for the essential tools for success like health insurance, retirement plans, and business skills, along with our heart center of mental health support through our "All Access On Site" program. All Access On Site meets live event professionals where they are, whether on the road or at home, to ensure they have a safe space to address challenges and keep thriving in their careers.

It is such an honor to have been empowering live event and touring music professionals since 2011. Thank you so much, Bob, for helping us share our story of TCW's continued growth, serving and educating hundreds in the industry.

Please follow and listen to The Business Side of Music, Episode #312 available on




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