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2023 workshop SPEAKERS

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Joy Black

In The Black Accounting

Joy Black received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Trevecca Nazarene University with a major in Accounting in May 1989.  After spending almost 10 years as a Special Agent with Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Internal Revenue Service, she left in 2000 and eventually opened her sole practitioner full-service CPA firm, In The Black Accounting Services, in the Nashville TN area in 2003.
Joy originally specialized in small business accounting/payroll services as she had no desire to prepare federal income tax returns after leaving the IRS.  However, because of her prior CID experience, she was “sweet talked into helping a good friend with an IRS problem”.  This “offer to help one person” soon ballooned into having numerous tax clients as her reputation as “an expert preparer and staunch representative for taxpayers who were being unfairly treated by various civil divisions of IRS” spread.  Currently, she provides accounting/payroll services to approximately 20 small businesses and prepares 250+ federal (and applicable state/local returns) to taxpayers in 27 states.
Joy has been married to her husband, JC, for almost 30 years. In her spare time, she is a competitive powerlifter who is the reigning Masters 2/75kg weight class 2022 and 2023 USA Powerlifting Raw Bench Press National champion and 2023 Arnold’s Sports Festival Raw Bench Press champion.  She also gives back to powerlifting by serving as a National Referee at local, state, and national competitions throughout the US.


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