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All Access Program

California Based Providers


Stacy Rauch, LPCC



Phone: 619-880-7887

Telehealth Services Offered: Yes

Stacy is a Licensed Clinical Counselor and Certified Trauma Professional from San Diego, California, with a background spanning dance and entertainment, animal care, and the mental health field. She holds additional certifications in leadership, and trauma, and is passionate about making quality, mental health care from a relatable professional, accessible to those in the entertainment and touring industry.
Stacy currently serves individuals, couples, and groups, as well as offers workshops in topics including communication, parenting, and more.
Stacy approaches therapy from the belief that all behavior stems from choices we make to meet basic human needs, emphasizing personal responsibility and holding hope for the potential for change and uses a mix of evidence-based practices, humor, gentle confrontation and occasional swearing to help clients gain insight, regain personal control and achieve a balance between pursuing their passion and maintaining their valued relationships.

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