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2023 workshop SPEAKERS

Rachael Bronstein

Life's Jam

Rachael Bronstein is an Accredited Financial Counselor and financial coach. She got her start at NBC in production finance and launched her company, Life’s Jam, last year in response to the hardship created for the music industry due to the halt in live events. Since so much of the music industry is made up of freelancers, Rachael wanted to make sure these professionals were set up correctly both personally & professionally.

During the past year, Rachael has helped touring professionals get financially organized through her work with The Roadie Clinic and private coaching. She has hosted workshops for the Music Forward Foundation and Women in Music. In addition to this, Rachael is also head financial coach for Jean Chatzky’s eLearning programs which include FinanceFixx and InvestingFixx.

You can find out more about Life’s Jam at

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