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We provide live event professionals with education, connection, and mental health resources that inspire career growth, action, and balance.


Save the date for our flagship event on Tuesday, November 12, 2024 at the Soundcheck Annex.

To check out photos and audio from past events:

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The touring life has its share of rewards, but also its share of challenges, stresses, and complications. We at TCW are firm believers that an ear to listen and a voice to guide you can help get you through some difficult times.  With this, we are pleased to offer our “All Access” program.  With this program, TCW will pay for the FIRST FOUR sessions per year for those that work in live entertainment industry.  This program is open to the spouses and partners of those in live entertainment as well.  We do not want finances to be an obstacle for any individual that needs someone to talk to.  We will receive a bill from our designated providers for their services and will never know your name or what you spoke with them about.


Confidential and simple.

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