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2023 workshop SPEAKERS

Hilary Gleason 1.jpg

Hilary Gleason


Hilary Gleason is the Executive Director of Backline, a non-profit that provides free mental health and wellness resources to music industry professionals and their families. She co-founded Backline in October 2019, after spearheading a series of conversations across the music industry that illuminated the critical need for increased access to customized mental health resources for a community in crisis. Hilary also serves as founder and CEO of level, a consulting firm that connects businesses and bands to impactful non-profit organizations, which has been in operation since 2017. Hilary’s background is in global health advocacy and non-profits, which began in 2007 when she helped to create a neurosurgical partnership between Duke Hospital and the Ugandan Ministry of Health. She has also worked with Global Health Corps, The United Nations Foundation, and Global Citizen, where she was on the advocacy team which is responsible for lobbying world leaders to fund programs related to ending extreme poverty, and supported in the production of Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, Earth Day 2015 on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., and related events across the country. She is a lifelong music fan who believes it can inspire and mobilize people around important humanitarian causes.


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