As we are starting to see the light at the end of tunnel with the effects of the pandemic on the live entertainment industry, the core idea of the “Shake Off the Dust” competition series is to give individuals the opportunity to practice their craft again while doing something fun and creative. Competitions will happen periodically throughout 2021 and will cover several different areas of production/trade.

The first competition will be for Lighting Directors/Programmers with less than 7 years of experience in the touring and live event industry, and will be held at Bandit Lites (1600 JP Hennessy Drive, Lavergne, TN 37086) on February 22-26. The lighting console will be a GrandMa2 Lite. 

So, how does this work?

Using an existing lighting system provided by Bandit Lites, twelve (12) touring lighting directors/programmers will be given the opportunity to come in and each program one song (of our choosing) in a two-hour time frame. There will be three programming slots per day on Monday, February 22 through Thursday, February 25. These programming slots will be assigned during the selection process. Then on Friday, February 26, the LD's will each come in and run their song in front of a panel of industry judges, who will select the top three winners.


We have been fortunate enough to have an anonymous donor provide cash prizes for the top three winners!:

1st Prize: $300.00 (courtesy of an anonymous donor) + a free ACT Academy code for MA2 or MA3 training (courtesy of ACT Lighting)

2nd Prize: $200.00 (courtesy of an anonymous donor)

3rd Prize: $100.00 (courtesy of an anonymous donor)

Official Rules & Regulations for Programming Day:

*No information on the rig or song will be provided prior to programming day.

*Upon arrival on programming day, a clean pre-patched show file will be provided.

*You may load your own user profile onto the console.

*You will be given a specific TWO-HOUR time block. This time block is your sole amount of time on the console for all work to be done.

*Each participant will be programming the same song.

*TIMECODE IS NOT ALLOWED. You may use macros in your programming to trigger cues, but on “Playback Day” your main cue list must be triggered manually.

*Upon completion of your programming time, you will save your file as username_final to the specific provided USB sticks. These sticks are what will be used to load the show files on playback day.

*There is no lingering or hanging out during another programmer’s time. We ask that you only be in the building during your specific time block.

*All high-touch surfaces (console, chairs, tables, etc) will be disinfected between programming blocks.

*Please do not share information of the rig or song choice to anyone else.


Official Rules & Regulations for Playback Day:

*Participants are welcome to be on site for as much of the playback day as they desire, and do not need to be present when the winner is announced.

*Please observe space and social distancing measures while on site.

*Each participant will have a 10 minute time block to load their show file from the provided USB, ensure it is working, and playback their song programming (to the selected music).

*All high-touch surfaces (console, chairs, tables, etc) will be disinfected between playback blocks.

*There will be a panel of industry related judges that will review and score/grade each LD. Score is based on: creativity, fluidity, and timing of the programming.

*Winners will be announced by or at 2:30 PM on Playback Day.

Are you ready to apply?

Click below to complete the application. Selected individuals will be notified no later than 5:00 PM CST on Friday, February 19 as to their time slot.

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