Live From Nowhere

TCW has partnered with Live From Nowhere to form a COVID-19 Relief Fund. If you have been directly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and meet the following criteria, please submit an application at the button below. All applicant information will be held as confidential. No information will be shared without written permission from the applicant. 

We are gathering the information we think we will need but reserve the right to ask additional questions if necessary.

Applicant Criteria

1) Applicant must be able to document employment in the live entertainment industry, touring industry or be industry adjacent

2) Applicant must be employed in these industries for 12+ months

3) Applicant must be able to document loss of income due to COVID-19; not limited to an email from employer or client identifying cancellation.

4) Must have 3 references to prove work history (see below).

TCW COVID-19 Relief Fund Application
Copy of Lease, Mortgage or Car Payment Note.
Upload supported file (Max 15MB)

For more info visit

1838 Elm Hill Pike

Suite 140

Nashville, TN 37210