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Joel Pryor
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Current City: Birmingham, AL
Touring Professional specializing in Tour Management, Tour Accounting, Festival Stage & Site Management

I got my start in Birmingham, AL volunteering for one of our city festivals called “City Stages”. It helped grow my love for the music production side of the business.

From there I went on to work for festivals that included the Hangout Music Festival, Shaky Knees Music Festival, Afro Punk, and Essence Music Festival just to name a few.

I have been lucky in years in the business to have worked on so many facets of the business. Been either an assistant TM, Tour Manager, Production Manager for both music festivals and for promoters. The touring work has allowed me to travel halfway around the world. I still have many countries that I’d like to visit. Pretty sure I’ve visited 42/50 off the states in the US.

My love for Alabama football runs as deep as deep as my passion for touring and music production.

People often ask me what I do, my usual response is that I get things handled.


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