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Helena Pygrum

Helena began her career as a theatre publicist in Melbourne, Australia in the late 90’s. Over the years opportunity brought her to the United States where she has now led a twenty-five year career in concert event production in various roles, from FOH camera op, production assistant, venue manager, promoter rep to labor manager. Now as the Head of Planning for  Solotech US Live Productions she is leading a team that manages the career nurturing of production crews across the world.
Helena is heavily involved in her crew’s pursuit of life work balance and aims to bring a healthier work environment to the world of crew recruitment through a focus on personal relationships, transparency, accountability and an open door for conversation.
Within all the twists and turns her career has taken her, her most favorite of all is the 3 year hiatus she took from this industry to be a goat-farmer. “There is a lot of relevance and a lot to be learnt from running a farm filled with daily surprise and elements of chaos, much like being on tour. It also prepared me for motherhood which has been my greatest challenge yet”

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