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Dr. Chayim Newman
Borer Newman

Dr. Newman holds his PhD in Clinical Psychology. His private practice, specializing in clinical care for artists, touring crew, and other music industry members, focuses on the use of a variety of therapeutic modalities (ACT, CBT, Mindfulness, traditional psychotherapy) in the treatment of psychological and emotional issues. Having been involved in the music industry for over two decades, as a touring performer, event producer, and artist liaison, Dr. Newman possesses a first-hand understanding of its unique challenges and stresses. 

Co-founded by Dr. Newman, Borer Newman provides comprehensive mental health care for the music industry on a large scale, highlighting the human experience of those who work in it. Dr. Newman is also the co-founder of the Tour Health Research Initiative (THRIV), dedicated to conducting research on mental health in the touring sector and is the co-creator of the weekly Come Together music industry online support groups.

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