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2022 Touring Career Workshop

We are proud to present the 2022 Touring Career Workshop on

November 1, 2022

at the

Soundcheck Annex Building

740 Cowan Street

Nashville, TN 


Better & Together

Presented by:

Chris Lisle

Engaging The Next Generation

Presented by:

Chris Bissinger

Stand Together Presentation

Presented by:

John Purcell

CMA Presentation

Presented by:

Tiffany Kerns

Roadies of Color United Presentation

Presented by:

Bill Reeves

Well Dunn Presentation

Presented by:

Drew Taylor Cohen

Music Health Alliance Presentation

Presented by:

Nikki Black

Musically Fed Presentation

Presented by:

Maria Brunner

Entertainment Association Presentation

Presented by:

Michael Strickland


Session 1F
A Discussion on Diversity and Touring

As we all work hard to create a more diverse workforce in the live entertainment industry, this panel discussion will dive in to where we have come from, where we are, and where we are going to make this a reality.

Session 1G
Situational Awareness

Mike McGrath, Tour Manager - Tim McGraw

Where is my closest exit? What is my best route of escape? We are often so busy on show day that we do not take the time to look around the venue and take notes of these very important features. Mike McGrath joins us again at TCW this year with a fantastic presentation on overall situational awareness, along with some pointers of general security and safety protocols on a show site.

Session 1H
Safe Tour Presentation

Kelly Clague, Safe Tour

SafeTour is a fantastic program designed to create a safe, equitable and inclusive workspace for all members of the music touring community, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation or other bias.  SafeTour Founder Kelly Clague will give an overview of their training program, which should be implemented before any tour hits the road!

Session 1I
Taxes: Planning, Changes, and Real Talk

Joy Black, CPA

TCW veteran Joy Black joins us again this year to talk through the basics of annual tax planning for those in our industry. She will also review some of the key changes that have come into play since she last joined us. If you have never had a chance to sit on one of Joy's presentations, you will not want to miss this as it is chock-full of real and useful tips, tricks, and facts!

Session 2F
Touring 101: Getting Into The Business

Although we can't cover it all in 45 minutes, this session will give a great overview of the world of touring. This session is a must for anyone consider a career path in the touring live entertainment industry!

Session 2G
Balance: Home Life + Work Life


Curt and Ellie Jenkins

Kyle and Janna Shepherd

Moderated by:

Erik Leighty

We all are aware of the long hours, time away from home, and high stress level that our industry brings. In this session, several couples will give their personal insight as to how they balance the scales of work and home life balance - especially when one of them is gone from home quite a bit.

Session 2H
Health Insurance Options

David Stamps, Pan Coast Benefits

Does the thought of diving into all of the health insurance options scare you? Don't let it! Brent Watkins with Pan Coast Benefits joins us for the evening to talk through options, timelines, and other great info to make sure you are getting the health insurance coverage that you need!

Session 2I
Touring Females: The Journey, Challenges, and Victories


Natalia Pena

Helena Pygrum

Brittan Yeomans

Moderated by:

Tee Cee Bailey

This all-star female touring panel will talk through their journeys within the live entertainment industry. Bringing decades of experience and insight, they will share the good, the bad, and the ugly of their career paths.

Session 3F
Wherever I May Roam: Mental Health and Staying Human on Tour

The past few years have been a rollercoaster, and now that we are back to work, we are all once again feeling the pressure and stress of our industry. Mental Health expert Dr. Chayim Newman and his team have conducted in-depth research as to the state of mental health in the touring industry and now provide support for tours, festivals, and production teams. They will be talking through a roadmap to understanding and managing mental health while on the road.

Session 3G
Financial Wellness and The Music Industry

We work hard for our money! But do we all have a solid financial plan - not just for right now, but for our future? Financial expert Rachael Bronstein has curated a program specifically for those in our industry. You will not want to miss her insight into having a well-rounded financial life!

Session 3H
The Road and Fitness

Bill Crutchfield

Gerald Pollack

You have one body to take through this lifetime and the road tends to beat it up. It's crucial to establish healthy habits of food, excercise and extracurricular activities to help ensure a long life lived. The team will share some tips on making good, easy choices that will go a long way. 

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