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2019 Touring Career Workshop

We are proud to present the 2019 Touring Career Workshop on

November 6, 2019

at the

Soundcheck Annex Building

740 Cowan Street

Nashville, TN 


The Vendor Side of Touring

There are many opportunities within various vendors to obtain a job that will take you on the road. Whether it's sound, lights, video, pyro, and so many others - our panel will discuss different ways you can contribute within a vendor and what they are looking for as they're in the hiring process.

Jason Jenkins - Elite Multimedia

John Boyd - LabeLive

Robert Bull - Clair Global

Moderated by:

Mark Steinwachs - Bandit Lites

The Staff Side of Touring

With decades of touring experience in various management roles, this panel is going to give us some insight on what they look for and expect from their touring crew. Whether you're working through a vendor or hired from the artist directly, this discussion will give a wealth of insite on how to secure and maintain a position on the road.

Tom Addison - Dierks Bentley

Jason Milner - Rihanna

Mark Miles - Little Big Town

Moderated by:

Chris Lisle

The Venue Side of Touring

Chris Cobb - Exit/In

Melissa Bubela - Ascend Ampitheatre

David Graham - Bridgestone Arena

Moderated by:

Chris Lisle

Venues interaction is an integral piece of what we do as touring professionals, quite literally we wouldn't be able to play shows without them. Our panel of several Nashville venue reps will discuss what they look for in someone they are hiring to represent their venue, but also will dive into what a touring crew can do to ensure a smooth and easy day for everyone! 

Health Insurance Options

RJ Stillwell - SoundHealthcare

Many touring professionals must fend for themselves to secure health coverage, RJ is back again with some exciting new opportunities to find affordable, good health insurance!

Taxes: Freelance vs. Employee

Joy Black - In the Black Accounting

Uncle Sam will always get his coin, and whether you like it or not a portion of everything you make will go directly to him. With new tax laws that went into effect in 2018, there are very hard restrictions on what deductables that can be taken as a W-2 employee, but Joy will discuss the deductables that can be taken as a 1099 Independant Contractor, as well as some comparisons between getting those W-2s and 1099s. 

Situational Awareness + Worksite Safety

Spike Falana - C3

Tim "Tuba" Smith - C3

With growing safety concerns on showsites, TCW has partnered with C3 Presents to bring to light some of the issues and solutions found within their concert and festival implimentations. There is an incredible amount of moving pieces and things to be considered when it comes to safety and protocol that Spike Falana, C3 Safety and Structures Manager and Tim "Tuba" Smith, C3 Director of Festivals and Special Initiatives will discuss.

Personal Investments: Planning for the Future

Troy Von Haefen - Von Haefen Financial Management

Although finances maybe not the most glamourous topic, planning for your financial future is vital in being able to enjoy the work and efforts you put into your career. Troy will be talking with us about investments that you can make today to make the most out of your money. 

All Access: Mental Health Panel

Stephen Navyac, LMFT

Danielle Bowker, LPC-MHSP

Dr. Erin Fowler, LPC

Elizabeth Porter, LPC-MHSP

One of the biggest assets that we believe TCW is able to offer is the All Access Program. TCW has paid thousands of dollars in counseling fees for those in our community that would like to talk to someone about whatever it is that is going on their life. For the first time ever, we are bringing our pre-approved counselors together to discuss ways that you can maintain a healthy mental state while navigating this thing called life. 

It's Your Life: You Got This

Erik Parker

Sometimes it's hard to see the possibilities of your future as you're in the trenches of trying to make it through today. Erik Parker has a unique story in both his journey through the touring and entertainment business as well as his journey through life. With a unique approach, Parker will help you push yourself to the next level and toward living the life you are meant to live. As he says, "You Got This".

Navigating The Touring Life

Kenny Barnwell

Having helped hundreds of people understand the touring world, Kenny is joining us to share some knowledge of not only getting into the touring business, but also some things to be aware of once you get your first gig, maintaining a long-lasting and lucrative career in the business, and how to build great relationships along the way.

Real Estate: Purchasing, Renting, Investing

Craig Stahl

Jake Zobrist

Let's be real, the real estate business is one of the best ways to become a self-made millionaire today. Craig and Jake have both created great side-hustles within the real estate game and are here to talk about what you need to know before you buy, flip, or rent properties!

The Road and Health

John Schirmer

Bill Crutchfield

You have one body to take through this lifetime and the road tends to beat it up. It's crucial to establish healthy habits of food, excercise and extracurricular activities to help ensure a long life lived. The team will share some tips on making good, easy choices that will go a long way. 

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