2019 Chili Cookoff

Come join us for our Second Annual Chili Cookoff!

February 25, 2019

6:00PM - 9:00PM

at the

Soundcheck Annex Building

740 Cowan Street

Nashville, TN 

Room I

You Be The Judge

The TCW Chili Cookoff is 100% Fan-voted. As you make your way around the room, tasting the best chilis created by our roadie compadres, you will have the responsibility of choosing the best of the best! There will be a total of SIX trophies to be awarded at the end of the night.

1st Place Chili

2nd Place Chili

3rd Place Chili

Most Unique Chili

Hottest Chili

Best Chili Name


While you make your way around the room make sure you spend time meeting people, catching up with friends and simply being awesome!

Chili Participants - Please Register!

Official Rules:

Let's be real, we're not so much a "rule" bunch... But in an effort to be fair and more official, here are our TCW Chili Cookoff Rules:

1 - Your Chili must be safe to eat. Please notate if you've used a carolina reaper pepper or thrown in a dash of saw-dust as your secret ingredient.

2 - Please only enter 1 chili per team. A team can be any number of people but one person can not enter more than one.

3 - Doors are at 6:00PM for the Chili Cookoff, for best odds of everyone trying your chili please be onsite and ready by then. (Of course, we won't be disqualifying anyone for being late). You are welcome to come and set up your station anytime after 4:00PM.

4 - Please bring any serving spoons, etc to serve your chili. We will provide tasting cups, tasting spoons, etc. 

5 - Flavor enhancers are absolutely fine... We will bring some hot sauce, shredded cheese, crackers, etc, but if there is a special addition that would fit perfectly with your mix of ingredients you are welcome to bring it along!

6 - The most important rule of all... Have Fun!

TCW Chili Cookoff
Feb 25, 2019, 6:00 PM
Soundcheck Annex - Room I

PO BOX 40545

Nashville, TN 37204